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ABOUT C&P Coffee Company

Crafting Globally Inspired Coffee Experiences: From Bean to Brew, Your Customized Journey


Welcome to coffee.net.my, where coffee is not just a beverage, but a personalized adventure that transcends borders. Immerse yourself in our world of meticulously sourced beans from diverse corners of the globe. With a passion for the perfect cup, we curate an unparalleled coffee journey, allowing you to customize every aspect – from origin and roast to flavor notes. Our commitment to excellence extends to roasting, as we carefully craft each batch to elevate your coffee experience. Join us in exploring the art of coffee customization and savor the rich flavors that unite coffee enthusiasts worldwide.

Our Story

Rising from the Pandemic: Crafting Personalized Coffee Excellence

Established on July 1, 2020, amidst the challenging pandemic era, C&P Coffee Company emerged as a premier destination for meticulously crafted espresso-based coffee in the vibrant community of Bandar Baru Bangi. Through three months of rigorous ingredient testing and refinement, we proudly unveiled our exceptional range of espresso-based beverages

As our dedication to excellence grew, so did our offerings. We soon expanded our menu to include an enticing selection of ice blended (Frappe) creations, harmonizing perfectly with our signature espresso beverages. To further delight our patrons, we introduced a delectable assortment of cakes and pastries, ensuring a delightful pairing with our exceptional coffee.

January 1, 2021 marked a significant milestone for us as we inaugurated our micro coffee roastery. Initially, we started with a modest 400-gram per batch coffee roaster, catering to our internal coffee bean requirements. Concurrently, we introduced our coveted Artisan Coffee series, prepared using the revered third wave brewing method, deviating from the conventional Italian espresso approach. Our esteemed customers now have the privilege of selecting their preferred coffee beans, which are meticulously brewed using our Traditional Lever Espresso Machine.

Today, our unwavering focus lies in delivering a truly personalized coffee experience that caters to individual preferences. Our skilled baristas engage with each customer, seeking their unique taste preferences, and expertly crafting a beverage tailored precisely to their liking.

We take immense pleasure in announcing a recent milestone achieved in June 2022. With the acquisition of a larger capacity roaster, capable of handling 2 kilograms per batch, we have expanded our coffee roasting capabilities. This exciting development empowers us to not only meet our internal demands but also extend our services by offering our carefully roasted beans to external customers

At C&P Coffee Company, we are dedicated to providing an extraordinary coffee experience that marries passion, precision, and personalization. Join us on this remarkable journey as we continue to redefine the art of coffee appreciation.

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where we started

In the Pandemic's Wake, Our Coffee's Journey to Excellence Begins


Coffee Roastery Commenced

Roastery Ignited: Where Coffee's Alchemy Sparks to Life


Personalization & Customization

Crafting coffee as unique as your individual journey


Age of expansion

A New Horizon Beckons as Our Coffee Expands

how we works


our Working Process

Sourcing Coffee Beans

Sourcing Coffee Beans

Global quest, sourcing beans that awaken extraordinary flavors.

Roasting Coffee Beans

Roasting Coffee Beans

Beans dance in roaster's embrace, flavor symphonies orchestrated delicately.

Perfect Brew Guidance

Perfect Brew Guidance

Crafting brews tailored to your unique coffee desires.

Enjoy Your Coffee

Enjoy Your Coffee

Savor the moment with every exquisite sip of coffee.

Ambrosial Aroma

Ambrosial Aroma

Captivating senses, our coffee's aroma enchants with every pour.

Artisanal Roasting

Artisanal Roasting

Masterful roasting: crafting coffee as a unique, flavorful art.

High Quality

High Quality

Pristine beans, meticulous process – delivering unparalleled, extraordinary coffee quality.

Wide Assortment

Wide Assortment

Diverse range, a symphony of flavors for every palate.

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Our Team

Meet Our Team

Nazri Hassan

Founder C&P Coffee

Sue Yusoff


Wanot Mohd

C&P coffee Marketing