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In the Pandemic's Wake, Our Coffee's Journey to Excellence Begins


Coffee Roastery Commenced

Roastery Ignited: Where Coffee's Alchemy Sparks to Life


Personalization & Customization

Crafting coffee as unique as your individual journey


Age of expansion

A New Horizon Beckons as Our Coffee Expands

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Embark on a journey through the diverse flavors of Malaysian coffee at C&P Coffee Company, where we proudly present not one, but two exceptional local coffee beans. While we continue to offer the pure delight of “aramaitica” with our Arabica coffee sourced from the scenic highlands of Sabah, we are thrilled to introduce another gem to our collection—the Johor Meranti Liberica from Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia.

Our commitment to supporting local farmers remains unwavering. Through an exclusive partnership with farmers from Kampung Kiau Nuluh, Kota Belud, Sabah, we source the finest raw green coffee beans, ensuring each cup embodies the true essence of Malaysian coffee. Additionally, we’ve expanded our repertoire to include Arabica coffee beans from the Lawas Highland in Sarawak. Handpicked and subjected to a meticulous selection process, these beans join our lineup of specialty coffees, all expertly roasted in-house at our café in Bangi.

At C&P Coffee Company, we invite you to indulge in the rich flavors and captivating aromas that define Malaysia’s Arabica coffee. Join us as we celebrate the remarkable journey of Malaysian coffee—one that now includes the distinctive notes of Johor Meranti Liberica, bringing you a taste of the diverse coffee culture flourishing in our beautiful nation, one cup at a time.

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Coffee Lovers
New Outlet - Jade Hills Kajang
"Experience the charm of C&P Coffee Jade Hills, a newly opened oasis blending cozy interiors with lush outdoor seating. Savor expertly crafted coffees in a warm atmosphere, where rich aromas and vibrant baristas create the perfect backdrop for relaxation and connection."
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Whole New Concept
"Discover a fresh concept at the newly opened C&P Coffee in Jade Hills. Immerse yourself in a modern oasis, featuring innovative design, an array of specialty brews, and an inviting atmosphere. From chic interiors to an expansive outdoor space, this unique outlet redefines the coffee experience, offering a perfect blend of style and relaxation."
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Bangi Outlet - Updated Specialty Beans
"Great news from C&P Coffee in Bangi! We've just updated with some awesome new specialty coffee beans. Now you can enjoy fresh, top-notch flavors in every cup. Come by and savor the goodness at C&P Coffee Bangi!"
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special coffee beans

Your Unique Taste, Curated Coffee Selection By Our Roastery

coffee BEANS

Full body coffee beans

Robust, satisfying flavor with lingering depth and richness.

acidic coffee beans

Bright, zesty notes invigorate with a delightful tang.

Specialty coffee beans

Distinctive, exceptional beans curated for a unique, indulgent experience.

local coffee beans

Malaysia's essence brewed, a local taste sensation in every cup.

C&P Coffee Roast-Story (In House Roastery)

Coffee Roastery Division

We're a team of coffee experts who source and roast premium beans from around the world. Our roasting facility uses cutting-edge tech to make unique blends that let each bean's distinct flavor shine. We love sustainability and ethical practices, and support the farmers who grow our coffee. Find our products online or for wholesale purchase, and let us help you learn more about coffee!

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Life is like a cup of coffee bitter & sweet meet in warmth

CEO & Founder C&P Coffee


our clients said


Had iced latte with dark blend and it's really good and could taste the freshness of the roasted blend. My wife got the biscoff frappe and it's really nice too. They have choices of desserts as well. Reasonable price. Recommended for coffee lovers.

Muhammad M.T
Muhammad M.T


A hidden gem for coffee in Bangi. Coffee tastes good, and cakes are available too. Also has non-coffee drinks. It's a small shop, not many can sit in one time. Best for takeaway, or you order for delivery via Grab or Food Panda.

Shahridzal Aizat Shahrum
Shahridzal Aizat Shahrum


Ordere rose latte. Not so sweet just what i like and uniquely tasty 👌 Burnt cheesecake also not too sweet. Can repeat again inshaAllah. The cafe also is uniquely located in a residential neighborhood. Parking should be ample.

Fatimah Che Roos
Fatimah Che Roos


Definitely a Hidden Gems in Bangi! Found em from Food Panda. Good Coffee. Good Vibes. Ordered the Biscoff Frappe & Butterscotch. It's Good but not too sweet or addictive macam Tealive - Biskutea 😂 They use Farmhouse Milk. If you brew your own latte, you know this milk have almost none aftertaste. Love it. Really appreciate The Barista, Nazri put up his certificates as trained Barista & KKM Pengendalian Makanan. Taking Coffee to a higher professional standard 😊👍 Can't wait for their lotus biscoff cheesecake whenever it is available.

Luqman Atif
Luqman Atif


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From raw bean to your personalized cup

Artisanal journey: Carefully sourced beans, expertly roasted, crafting personalized cups – a symphony of flavors


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