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Roast-Story : Mont Blend

Once upon a time, in a small town nestled between rolling hills and tropical forests, there was an unnamed cafe owner who had a deep passion for coffee. Their little cafe, “Sip & Savor,” was a cozy haven where locals and travelers alike would gather to share stories over a cup of their house blend, the “Smooth Blend.”

One day, as the cafe owner was on a journey to explore new coffee possibilities, they stumbled upon an extraordinary discovery. While visiting a distant coffee plantation, they met a skilled coffee farmer who had a magical blend of beans from Brazil and Indonesia’s lush Sumatra.

Intrigued by the farmer’s tales of the unique flavors and the adventure that awaited in each sip, the cafe owner decided to take a leap of faith and bring this blend back to their cafe. They carefully roasted the beans to perfection, ensuring that the essence of both Brazil and Indonesia’s Sumatra would be captured in each cup.

When the day came to introduce the new blend to their customers, the cafe owner’s heart pounded with excitement and nerves. Would they embrace this bold and daring coffee as much as they loved the gentle “Smooth Blend”?

As the first customer took a sip of the “Brazil and Indonesia Sumatra Coffee Blend,” their face lit up with delight. Word quickly spread among the patrons, and soon, “Sip & Savor” was filled with the aroma of this new creation.

The blend took on a life of its own, captivating coffee enthusiasts from far and wide. People came to the cafe seeking an adventure in every cup, eager to taste the sweetness of Brazilian berries and experience the earthiness of the Sumatran soil.

With each passing day, the cafe owner found joy in witnessing the magic of their creation. Their little cafe became a hub of excitement and exploration, with customers sharing tales of their coffee journey with the “Brazil and Indonesia Sumatra Coffee Blend.”

As time went on, the cafe owner realized that the quest for the perfect cup of coffee was not just a journey for the customers but also for themselves. They learned that the heart of a great coffee experience lay in the spirit of discovery and the joy of sharing something extraordinary with others.

And so, the “Brazil and Indonesia Sumatra Coffee Blend” became a symbol of the cafe owner’s passion and dedication. It wasn’t just a blend of beans; it was a tale of dreams realized and the embodiment of the cafe owner’s unwavering love for coffee.

With every cup poured, the cafe owner cherished the memories of that serendipitous encounter with the coffee farmer and the moment they found the perfect blend. “Sip & Savor” became more than just a place to enjoy coffee; it became a place where magic and dreams were brewed, one cup at a time.

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 50 × 40 × 40 cm